pure cobalt diamond core drill bits for concrete drilling

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pure cobalt diamond core drill bits for concrete drilling

core bits diameter range: 18mm-600mm
Thread tape: 1 1/4-7 , M22

Product description:

Diamond Core Drill& Bits Segment is made of top quality diamond and Cobalt Powder, It is special shape for different drill stem. Developed with new and special formula to make high sharpness and Long working life for customers .

Usage Application: 

1. For Wet drilling and strong cast iron, Concrete, Construction work and Different hardness Slabs such as Marble Granite, Micro-Crystal, Stone, Quartz, Jade, etc.

2. For fix up air-condition, Drilling hole in wall, ground, floor, drainage pipes etc.

Features : 

1.Excellent comprehensive drilling performance with diamond core drill bit for andesite.

2.High efficiency at the process of drilling.

3.The diamond core drill bit for basalt working with minimal dust.

4.For any natural stones processing.

5.Our diamond core drill bit for concrete has fast drilling speed and long lifespan of bit.

Products Function: 

Top Quality, High Sharpness Segment, Fast Speed, High Efficiency, anti-friction, Long life, Cost effective.


1.Recommend customer to use high silver solder welding to avoid copper solder (High Melting Point) create carbonization performance to segments.

2.Use water when drilling because the high temperature will cut down the function of segments.

3.Use high power drilling machine to show segment’s high sharpness and long life.

4.Please adjust slow speed if drilling thick and high strength cast iron.